The "Impala" Ring COLLECTION


The star of this show is the H-U-G-E gemstone which is complemented by a pair of 2mm, brilliant cut gemstones.

A traditional four claw, open cut setting allows for maximum light play.

Generous 14mm x 10mm Octagonal Cut Gemstone.

Available in...

Green Amethyst with 2mm Pink Tourmaline.

Purple Amethyst with 2mm Smoky Quartz.

Green Quartz with 2mm Lemon Quartz.

Lemon Quartz with 2mm Tsavorite (Green) Garnets.

...and a special version:

Checkerboard Cut Onyx with 2mm Tsavorite (Green) Garnets.

Hallmarked 925 Sterling Silver.

Also available in Gold on request.